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Evident CellSens


Microvisioneer Slide Scanning


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Evident CellSens

Evident CellSens software allows full control of Olympus microscopes and cameras. In addition it enables a vast range of third party components to seamlessly integrate, from stages, cameras, filter wheels, light sources. Indeed the list is almost endless.

Alba Scientific have more than a decade experience with CellSens for Fluorescence, multi-position time-lapse imaging, TIRF, hardware triggering and custom macros. 

Talk to about optimising your image acquisition using CellSens.


Rapid Slide Scanning 

Microvisioneer is a rapid slide scanning solution for acquiring whole slide images in Brightfiled and Fluorescence.​

Image generation from full sections is now possible in any lab with a standard microscope.

Microvisioneer is compatible with a range of cameras from different manufacturers.

Open up your existing hardware to Whole Slide Imaging 


Fully integrated Micromanager package customers benefit from a fully configured micromanager setup.

Microscope, Camera, Light source, and Fluorescence Channels in a complete tested package.

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