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Light Sources for Microscopy
Fluorescence Filters

CoolLED are approved CoolLED resellers and have been working closely with CoolLED for many years.    We specialise in configuring LED, Filter, Cameras, and software to create a fully integrated imaging platform.  


Lumencor are agents for Lumencor Light Engines in the UK

TTL and Analogue System

The CoolLED pE800 system is controlled via an app. Therefore you need to start the computer, log in, launch the app before you can view a sample with channel control. Our manual TTL and Analogue system allows you to turn on the pE800, and select channels via TTL and/or Analogue. You simply turn on the pE800, use the buttons to select the channels, then quickly view your sample. A real time-saver. Off course, since it is a 0-5V TTL and 0-10V Analogue system this this can be used for control of many other light sources and peripherals like pumps, manipulators, and 0-10V stages.


Filters optimised for your light source and fluorophore are official resellers of Chroma filters.


Often filters are chosen based on the fluorophore.  We specialise in optimising filters for the fluorophore and also for the light source combined. 

We also have a range of more cost effective filter sets for standard combinations like DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5.

These start at £500 mounted in a filter cube. Contact us for more details.

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